Friday, April 23rd, 2021

Electronic Pet Doors

Having an electronic pet door has become a very popular method ofpet door electronic allowing your pets to go outside without having to get up and do it yourself. Since we are all on a schedule, it helps to let our pets set their own as well. This is very handy for late hours in the night or the wee hours of the morning. The basic idea around this is that the pet door stays sealed against weather and pests while it is not in use. Most electronic pet doors use a signaling device which is attached to your pets collar. This device will allow your pet to go out and come back in as they need to.

Measuring your pet is a must. You will have to know which size electronic pet door to purchase to make sure it is a good fit for your pet. You want to make sure the opening is at least 2 inches wider than your pet on each side. Also keep in mind if your pet will grow in the future to avoid purchasing a size too small. This would be a bummer.

There will also be a little training involved, of course, since your pet is not used to the pet door. There is usually a magnetic or infrared device that you attach to your pet’s collar that will set of the sensor on the door to allow easy access. Once your pet gets used to this process, things get so much easier.

Electronic pet doors are typically more expensive than regular pet doors ranging from about $250 and more. The installation is identical to that of traditional pet doors with only the exception of requiring a power supply to operate. You will have to run the cord to a power outlet nearby.

The main advantage of having and electronic pet door rather than a traditonal pet door is that they allow your pet to have easy access to the outdoors without letting weather or other pests enter your home. You will find this much more convenient than regular pet doors, especially if you have alot of animals or pests around your home.