Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

Pet Electronic Door

pdelgbrThere are  a variety of pet doors available in different colors, sizes, and with different characteristics. Pet electronic doors can come powered by infrared, magnetic, electro-magnetic, and RFID technologies. Each of them with their own unique qualities to help you find the best one to suit you and your pet’s needs.

Many people find that automatic pet doors, or traditional pet doors, are not safe and will not keep out the bugs or other animals that may be running around in the neighborhood. For this reason, an electronic pet door will give you the security you need for both you and your pet. They come with different settings such as in only, out only, lock, unlock, and of course you can set them to where only your animal you have given the “key” to can enter and exit.

You will find that either a lighting or key system will operate the electronic pet door. You simply clip the key to your pet’s collar and it will signal the door to open and close as needed. With most manufacturers you will even get a lifetime warranty! Thats awesome.

You will have to take measurements of your pet to know the right size of pet door to buy, which of course will in turn narrow down the pet door that is right for you. Staywell, Plexidor, Johnson, and Petsafe are the most common brands of pet doors in the market. Customers have been very pleased with their pet door choice when opting for the electronic doors.

Keep in mind when shopping for your pet door that  you take measurements of your pet that are as accurate as possible and add about 2 inches on each side to leave room for your pet to travel through easily. Also factor in if your pet may grow in the future. Electronic pet doors are easy to install and remove if you decide to move and take it with you.